CWB total donations to
childrens charities since 2008


The more you invest in The Greater Interest GIC, the more we donate to your local Big Brothers Big Sisters agency* -
so kids can keep being kids.

This September, it's your chance to improve your financial future—and the future of kids in your community—all with one GIC.

The Greater Interest GIC is a secure investment that guarantees the original amount that you invest, plus gives you a great interest rate on whichever term best suits your investment needs. Then it makes a great return even greater - by improving the lives of kids in your community.

*Based on every dollar invested, Canadian Western Bank will make a corporate donation of 1/8% to local Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies in Western Canada up to a maximum of $200,000. These dollars will help facilitate mentorships that empower youth to reach their full potential and let kids keep being kids.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) provides local youth with one-to-one mentoring services that are proven to help kids stay in school, avoid risky behaviour, and grow up to be more civic-minded adults.

With funding as a result of The Greater Interest GIC, local Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies in Western Canada are able to facilitate an increased number of meaningful mentorships in their community.

Through this partnership, Canadian Western Bank has taken a greater interest in 20 Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies in Western Canada.

Learn about Rhonda McLachlan, one of CWB's very own Big Sisters.

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After being introduced to the Big Brothers Big Sisters Corporate BIGS program in 2011, Rhonda McLachlan was hooked.

"I actually learned about the opportunity during preparation for The Greater Interest GIC campaign when a representative from the local agency came to talk about their important work. It occurred to me that I could really make a difference."

For one hour each week, Rhonda and some of her colleagues mentor local junior high students. For Rhonda, it's been an infinitely positive experience. "It's amazing how much value a mentor adds to a child's life...the best part is seeing them learn as a result of the conversations you have together. You develop this open relationship where they can ask anything and you're that voice of reason for them."

Volunteering has also become a great team building experience. "Since we carpool to and from the branch, my colleagues and I can debrief on our conversations and then offer collective advice to our mentees."

Rhonda plans to continue mentoring for the foreseeable future. "This experience has been so meaningful for me, and it's really special that I have the support of my workplace. Being able to give back to the community during work hours has simply been great."